An Essay Plan Example By The Academic Papers UK

Essay writing is a task that requires creativity, innovation, and above all a lot of adequate preparation and planning. If you want to end up with a masterpiece you have to plan before you start writing.

Planning everything will help you organize everything in one place. Your thoughts, ideas, and all the information will be ready when the time comes for writing the essay. When you have everything laid out in front, you can easily add, change or modify things. Making a plan will basically outline each and every aspect of the essay and will make things a lot easier.

If you are a student who needs to submit an essay but you don’t know how to properly approach it then don’t worry, Essay Writing Service UK has laid out a plan for you that will help you outline your essays.

Essay Topic Or Question

What are the effects of the internet on children? We will take this as our main topic and move ahead with it. In this essay, we will explain why the internet is bad for children and what are some of the disadvantages it has that can affect children in a negative light?


Internet is the major reason why children face concentration problems during their studies. It is a proven fact that the internet can be addictive and children might lose interest in other important activities. The first sentence of your introduction should be engaging and it should develop interest so that the reader gets interested and continues reading.

An introduction is a part where you mention the background of your topic in which you can add how the internet is important but it can cause severe addictions which will lead to distractions in studies and other tasks.

After you are done writing a little background of the topic, you should focus on writing an effective and eye-catching thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

You may or may not know that an essay has three body paragraphs. No matter what you are writing an essay on, make sure you properly divide the topic into three parts and write about each element in every paragraph.

In our example essay, we have chosen the topic related to the impact of the internet on children so we should choose the three most crucial impacts and then dedicate one body paragraph to each of the impacts.

By doing this you can easily and efficiently explain every effect the internet has on children and your writing will not seem rushed because you will separately talk about the impacts adequately explaining each effect.

You readers will find this interesting because you are providing information in chunks and not bombarding them with everything at the same time. They can take their time to read and comprehend each of the effects and understand it in a better way.


You will end your essay with a conclusion and it needs to be thought-provoking so that it has a lasting impact on your readers.

You should end your essay by summarizing the whole essay and adding your recommendations for the issue. But you should keep in mind that the conclusion is the end of your essay you should not add anything new in the end that you have not touched upon in the essay previously because then it can leave questions in your reader’s mind.

Mention the main points of your body paragraphs and add your recommendations as to what should be or can be done to keep the children safe from the addiction of the internet.